Whether you want help achieving a specific goal or you are looking to find career direction, or if you simply want to raise your level of personal satisfaction, coaching can help you get there.

By guiding you through a process of self-discovery and inquiry I will help you to focus in on what is most important for you right now.

You will learn how to identify and clear away the clutter and energy drains that keep you from being and delivering your best.

Most importantly you will learn how to connect with and listen to the inner voice and wisdom of your authentic self – that part of you that knows what you’re good for and what’s good for you.

Positive constructive change, personal growth and satisfaction are inevitable!  The coaching process will put you back in the driving seat of your own life, making sure that you have the tools and skills needed to navigate the right direction.

As a life coach, my areas of interest and specialisation include:

•    Individuals whose personal lives and/or careers are stuck or in transition.

•    Those who feel disconnected, off-centre and are struggling to uncover what’s next.

•   Individuals experiencing trust and relationship problems with lovers, family members, friends and/or colleagues.

•    Individuals struggling with feelings of generalised stress, anxiety and/or anger.

•    Feelings of inadequacy, worthiness issues and low self-esteem.

•    Those who struggle to ask for help and who feel overly responsibility for everyone and everything.

•    Individuals who took on an adult role and responsibility in childhood who now as adults can feel scared, childlike and vulnerable in certain situations.