“I have found Louise to be a generous and skilful listener, enabling me to experiment with my feelings and ideas in a safe and empathetic environment. She has followed the insights that I have had with a gentle yet firm persistence that has kept me from abandoning my newly discovered life and creativity to some old complex. It feels that in my time with her I have not only added a few more threads to the tapestry of my life but am starting to appreciate the richness of that tapestry in a new way.”

“For the first time in my life I can see & feel a change. In 10 sessions I have already made significant shifts in my personal journey to wholeness. Louise has the extraordinary ability of (helping me to) articulat(e) my emotions and is extremely skilful at being able to help me see the connections between my personal experiences and the many limiting beliefs I have held.”

“I have truly been very blessed to have Louise to help me navigate through the many difficult aspects of coaching ‚ĶAbove all else I have valued her integrity, compassion, gentle-firmness and her never wavering encouragement. Louise is truly gifted in this field and I have no doubt that she will have a profound impact on all those who require her help as a coach.”