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Life lessons for the adult child – Judy Klipin

EAN: 9780143026709
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 1 September 2010

If you behaved in a very responsible and reliable manner when you were a child and if, now that you are an adult, you often feel childlike and vulnerable in stressful situations, you are in all likelihood an adult child. If you have a constant need to be better – to improve yourself, to be more interesting, more attractive, nicer – you are probably an adult child. If you feel responsible for everything and everyone, you are almost certainly an adult child. Having a childhood that is unpredictable or inconsistent in any way often results in a range of characteristics and limiting beliefs which include a need to be perfect, an inability to trust others, and a horror of asking for help. It doesn’t really matter what was going on in your family, or why you felt like you needed to be a grown up when you were a child. What matters is that you did. This title will take you on a journey of self-discovery, and provide you with powerful exercises and self-coaching tools that will you guide you through a process of healing. Life lessons for the adult child will bring you relief from the confusion and anxiety that may have been your constant companions, and it will guide you to a place of understanding and acceptance of yourself. Reading this title and completing the exercises will help you to change – not who you are but how you are.